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Topics with Dr. Susan and Dr. Jolle

>> How your home can improve your cat’s mental and physical health
>> Pet health technology at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas
>> Did you know veterinarians can be specialists?
>> COVID-19 and cats (recorded May 2020)
>> X-rays and other ways to see what’s inside
>> What happens during a spay surgery?
>> Why regular veterinary visits are important for cats
>> Did you know cats get arthritis?
>> What are the top cat questions on the internet?
>> How are textbooks for veterinarians and students created?
>> Does your cat have high blood pressure?
>> Why cats and lilies don’t mix
>> What is your cat’s blood type?
>> Technology for cats
>> Holiday safety for cats
>> Cats get high blood pressure too
>> Urinary blockages – a true emergency
>> Caring for community cats

Caring for community cats, with Dr. Jolle & Dr. Susan Episode 58, April 2021

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Urinary blockages – a true emergency, with Dr. Jolle & Dr. Susan: Episode 57, April 2021

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Happiness, self-care, and cats with Dr. Mia Cary: Episode 56, March 2022

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Cats get high blood pressure too, with Dr. Kelly St. Denis: Episode 55, February 2022

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The Tik Tok veterinarian, Dr. Adam Christman: Episode 54, February 2022

Learn more at:
Dr. Adam Christman
The Adam Christman Show on Facebook

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Keeping your cat safe during the holidays, with Dr. Kelly St. Denis: Episode 53, December 2021

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Through a cat’s eyes, with Dr. Christine Lim: Episode 52, November 2021

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Talking to school kids about cats, with Dr. Jolle & Dr. Susan: Episode 51, October 2021

Learn more at Skype a Scientist.

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Technology for cats, with Dr. Jolle & Dr. Susan: Episode 50, September 2021

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Chatting about cats with Dr. Jolle & Dr. Susan: Episode 49, September 2021

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What is your cat’s blood type? Episode 48, August 2021

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The eye of the tiger, with Dr. Rick Sanchez: Episode 47, August 2021

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Ear, nose, and throat problems, with Dr. Gert ter Haar: Episode 46, July 2021

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What is minimally invasive surgery? with Dr. Dave Twedt: Episode 45, July 2021

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What is the Every Cat Health Foundation? with Steve Dale & Jackie Ott Jaakola: Episode 44, June 2021

Learn more at the Every Cat Health Foundation website.

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Your cat and social media, with Dr. Caitlin DeWilde: Episode 43, June 2021

Learn more about Dr. DeWilde at The Social DVM.

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Keeping adventurous cats safe, with Dr. Kelly St. Denis: Episode 42, May 2021

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Researching feline health problems, with Dr. Kelly Diehl: Episode 41, May 2021

Learn more at the Morris Animal Foundation website.

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Is chocolate toxic for cats? Which plants are dangerous for cats? With Dr. Ahna Brutlag: Episode 40, April 2021

Learn more at the Pet Poison Helpline.

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Is your CatHealthy? with Dr. Liz O’Brien & Dr. Kelly St. Denis: Episode 39, April 2021

Visit CatHealthy.ca for lots of great information from feline experts on keeping your feline family member healthy.

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Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn & Dr. Susan Little: Episode 38, March 2021

Easter is almost here and that brings something that veterinarians dread – cats poisoned by lilies. This time of year, the Easter lily is usually the culprit but cats can be poisoned by almost any kind of lily. Unfortunately, there is a poison in lilies that causes severe, sometimes fatal, damage to a cat’s kidneys. And it takes only a bite of a leaf or a lick of water from a flower vase with lilies to harm your cat. If you think your pet has eaten a plant or substance that might be toxic, call your veterinarian, Pet Poison Helpline, or Animal Poison Control. Listen and learn why we say cats and lilies don’t mix!

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Photo by Cindy Gustafson on Pexels.com

Dr. Kelly St. Denis: Episode 37, March 2021

Dr. Kelly St. Denis is one of our favourite feline specialists. She is currently the president of the American Assoc. of Feline Practitioners – an organization to support feline medicine. The AAFP has a great website with reliable expert advice for cat owners on many topics – check out Cat Friendly Homes. In this episode, we talk about a controversial subject – why you should not declaw your cat. Listen to find out why so many veterinarians want to see this surgery banned in more places.

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Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn & Dr. Susan Little: Episode 36, February 2021

Did you know cats can get high blood pressure (hypertension)? It’s common in senior cats, especially those that also have kidney disease, Just like in people, it is often called the ‘silent killer.’ In the early stages, it may not be easy to see the changes in your cat, but your veterinarian can test your cat’s blood pressure. Sadly, if it isn’t detected and treated early enough, high blood pressure can cause serious damage to your cat’s eyesight and brain. But there is good news! There are some medications that work very well to control high blood pressure. Listen to learn more about this common problem in senior cats.

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Robin Saar, RVT, VTS (Nutrition): Episode 35, February 2021

Our guest for this episode is Robin Saar, a veterinary technician who has specialized in nutrition. In most veterinary hospitals, your cat will spend a good deal of time with a veterinary technician so Robin gives us some useful tips on how to prepare your cat for a visit to the vet. And of course, because she loves to talk about nutrition, she gives us good advice on how and what to feed your cat.

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Robin Saar, RVT, VTS (Nutrition)

Mikel Delgado, PhD: Episodes 33 & 34, February 2021

Who doesn’t love kittens? Dr. Delgado is a PhD and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist. Her research has been on the health and behavior of kittens (what a great job!) and the effects of environment on cat behavior. She’s been a postdoctoral fellow at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and has recently joined GoodDog. Of course we talked about kittens – especially raising orphans. Check out her blog, What Your Cat Wants.

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Dr. Mikel Delgado

Dr. Ashley Bourgeois: Episode 32, January 2021

Dr. Ashely Bourgeois is a veterinarian who specializes in dermatology – the treatment of skin diseases. We discuss common skin problems in cats and what you can do about them. Did you know cats can be allergic to ingredients in their food and the symptom might be itchiness? Can your cat really have fleas if you can’t find any on her? Is it ok to bathe your cat? Why do cats groom themselves, and what happens if they overgroom? Dr. Bourgeois has the answers to these and other questions.
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Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn & Dr. Susan Little: Episode 31, January 2021

Happy 2021! Yay, we made it and we’re happy to present the first episode of the new year. Since both of us have written and edited textbooks, we decided to chat about veterinary textbook are created. We both are in the midst of editing new textbooks and it always looks more fun at the beginning than at the end. It truly is a labour of love. And we discuss the press release announcing a company intends to make a COVID-19 vaccine for cats – is that a good idea?
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Dr. Susan Little and Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada

It’s the holidays and your hard-working podcast hosts are taking some time off. For your pleasure, we are re-publishing our most popular podcast episode.

>> Listen to episode 30, Dr. Julie Churchill talks about facts and myths in feline nutrition.

Episode 29 (December 2020): Dr. Paulo Steagall is an expert in pain management and he teaches vet students at the University of Montreal. It’s not always easy to tell if a cat is in pain because they tend to hide signs of illness. Dr. Steagall tells us how his team developed a way to tell if a cat is in pain by looking at the expression on their face – it’s called the Feline Grimace Scale. Learn all about cats and pain management in this episode.
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Dr. Paulo Steagall

Episode 28 (November 2020): Some of our favourite podcast episodes are the ones where we chat about cat stuff. Just us. Just cat stuff. So that’s what you’ll hear in episode 28. Dr. Jolle challenges Dr. Susan with the most common cat questions on the internet so you know we’ll be talking about all kinds of cat stuff. And have fun doing it!
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Episode 27 (November 2020): Dr. Serge Chaloub teaches veterinary students at the University of Calgary in Canada. He will explain what type of education students need to become a doctor in veterinary medicine and an expert in feline medicine. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how college students learn. Dr. Chalhoub tells us what changes have occurred for his veterinary students and why some of the changes will stay after the pandemic. Everyone’s education is different during a pandemic!
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Left to right: Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn, Dr. Serge Chalhoub, Dr. Susan Little (having a bad hair day)

Episode 26 (October 2020): Dr. Leslie Lyons joins us to talk about cat genetics. The great thing about Dr. Lyons is that she explains it in a clear and easy to understand way. Genes are essential for everything a cat does and they do not differ that much from our own genes. How is it that a cat purrs and has fur and we don’t? Dr Lyons tells us why!
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Dr. Leslie Lyons

Episode 25 (October 2020): Yay, we have reached out 25th podcast! We celebrate this milestone with Dr. Panos Xenoulis, an expert in diseases of the pancreas. Dr. Xenoulis lives and teaches in Greece but did most of his postgraduate work in the US at the Texas A&M veterinary school. We discuss why the pancreas is important, what disease affect the pancreas, and what symptoms you might see. If your cat is depressed and suddenly does not want to eat, it may be pancreatitis.
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Dr. Panos Xenoulis

Episode 24 (October 2020): In this episode, we have a guest co-host, Dr. Kelly St. Denis, sitting in for Dr. Susan. Our guest for this episode is Dr. Sheri Ross, an expert in kidney disease in cats. Unfortunately, this is a common disease in older cats. What are the signs to watch for and what do they mean? Dr. Sheri explains why special foods are so important to help cats living with kidney disease have good quality of life. You can learn more about chronic kidney disease in cats at Cat Friendly Homes.
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Dr. Sheri Ross

Episode 23 (September 2020): Today we chat with Dr. Karen Perry, a veterinarian who specializes in orthopedic (bone & joint) surgery at Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Our main topic is pain – how we can we tell if a cat is in pain? Cats are so good at hiding what is wrong with them. Dr. Perry tells us about signs of pain in cats and we discuss some common orthopedic problems. Did you know that up to 90% of older cats are in pain from arthritis? You can follow Dr. Perry on social media where she shares some of her interesting feline cases – @KarenLPerryK.
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Dr. Karen Perry

Episode 22 (August 2020): Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, famous author and blogger is our guest for this episode. Jessica wrote an amazing book called ‘All Dogs Go to Kevin.’ She has a website called Pawcurious and is an expert in telling stories. We talked about how important it is for veterinary team members to explain things clearly. And we discussed how important telemedicine has become during the pandemic.
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Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn, Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, Dr. Susan Little

EPISODE 21 (August 2020): This episode features Dr. Susan and Dr. Jolle discussing common bone and joint (musculoskeletal) diseases in cats. Have you noticed that your cat does not like to climb the usual spots or hesitates to jump off furniture? This could be a sign of a common musculoskeletal disease. For example, did you know that most senior cats have arthritis? We will give some answers to common questions.
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EPISODE 20 (August 2020): Oh wow, episode 20! Dr. Susan and Dr. Jolle discuss why it’s important to bring your cat to the vet and not wait until the pandemic is over (who knows when that will be?). We discuss how veterinarians make visits to the hospital safe and what you can expect when you arrive. Is your cat ready for a check-up? Listen to this episode.
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EPISODE 19 (July 2020): To spay or not to spay, that is the question! In this episode, Dr. Susan and Dr. Jolle talk about one of the most common surgeries performed on cats – the spay surgery. Cats are prolific producers of kittens, so spaying female cats and neutering male cats is critical for controlling the number of unowned cats and preventing unnecessary suffering. Did you know there are other health reasons why veterinarians recommend these surgeries? What actually happens during these surgeries? What happens when your kitty goes home after surgery? We have the answers!
>> Listen to episode 19

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EPISODE 18 (June 2020): The wait is over! One of the most eagerly anticipated books on cats is out – Decoding Your Cat. In this episode, we chat with Dr. Debra Horwitz, one of the book’s editors. This book is full of great information for cat lovers such as how to understand what your cat is saying (The Language of Meow), what type of home your cat would design (The Feline Dream Home), understanding litter box issues (My House Is Not Your Toilet), why old cats should learn new tricks (Growing Old With Grace), and much more!
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Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn, Dr. Debra Horwitz, Dr. Susan Little

EPISODE 17 (June 2020): Dr. Julie Levy is our guest on this episode. Dr. Levy is a veterinarian at the University of Florida, Gainesville who specializes in internal medicine and in shelter medicine. She has spent her career studying infectious diseases of cats and how to make life better for homeless cats in shelters and in the community. In this episode, we talk about two common feline infectious diseases, feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Dr. Levy tells us how science can help us diagnose these infections and how best to care for infected cats. Visit Cat Friendly Homes to learn more about FeLV and FIV.
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Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn, Dr. Julie Levy, Dr. Susan Little

EPISODE 16 (May 2020): In this episode, we talk about ways veterinarians can learn more about the cause of illness or injury in cats by using diagnostic imaging techniques. The most familiar is x-ray (radiography) which is an excellent choice for certain problems, such as broken bones. But there are other techniques available to many vets, such as CT scans and MRI. What exactly are they? How do they work? Listen and we’ll expose the answers! (get it?)
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EPISODE 15 (May 2020): We recorded this episode in May 2020 when most of the world was trying to control the spread of COVID-19, an infectious disease caused by a new coronavirus. It appears that cats can become infected with this new virus as well, but fortunately it seems to be uncommon and the disease seems mild. We chat about the latest information on cats and the new coronavirus. How do cats become infected? How can we protect our cats? Listen and find out what we know.
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EPISODE 14 (April 2020): If you own a cat, you know that it isn’t always easy to tell when they are feeling poorly. And you know that they don’t like getting into a carrier, leaving their home, and going anywhere let alone a veterinary clinic. Fortunately, we have one of the legendary cat specialists, Dr. Margie Scherk, to tell us everything she knows about cats! Well, not everything – we didn’t have enough time. But she does share some tips on taking your cat to the veterinarian and how to tell when your cat starts feeling unwell.
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Left to right: Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn, Dr. Margie Scherk, Dr. Susan Little

EPISODE 13 (April 2020): Did you know veterinarians can specialize in emergency medicine and critical care? Dr. Chris Byers is one of those veterinarians and he works in an intensive care unit for pets. On any given day, he may see pets in heart failure, struggling with diabetes, or with injuries. Dr. Byers talks with us about life as an ER veterinarian. Be sure to read his blog, Critical Care DVM, and follow him on social media (@CriticalCareDVM).
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Left to right: Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn, Dr. Chris Byers, Dr. Susan Little

EPISODE 12 (March 2020): In this episode, we chat with the famous veterinary heart specialist, Dr. Phil Fox of the Animal Medical Center in New York. Unfortunately, heart disease is not uncommon in cats and Dr. Fox has been studying it for many years. In this episode, he tells us what he’s learned about heart disease in cats, including how it is diagnosed and how it is treated.
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Left to right: Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn, Dr. Phil Fox, Dr. Susan Little

EPISODE 11 (March 2020): Dr. Julie Churchill is a veterinarian with specialized training in nutrition. Dr. Churchill talks to us about how important nutrition is for healthy cats, nutritional myths, and different types of diets. Did you know the most common nutritional problem in cats in many countries is obesity? Fat cats might look cute but they are prone to serious health problems and they have a shorter life. Find out how to help your pudgy feline!
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Left to right: Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn, Dr. Julie Churchill, Dr. Susan Little

EPISODE 10 (February 2020): Did you know there are many ways to be a veterinarian? Veterinarians can work in general practice and treat many types of animals or they can become a specialist in one type (like Dr. Susan, who is a cat specialist). Veterinarians can also specialize in surgery (like Dr. Jolle, who is a specialist in cancer surgery), cardiology, cancer treatment, eye diseases, and many other areas of medicine. Veterinarians even help keep people healthy by protecting our food sources or becoming specialized in public health. Listen to find out how our hosts developed their careers in veterinary medicine and what happened along the way.
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Left to right: Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn, Dr. Susan Little

EPISODE 9 (February 2020): Dr. Apryl Steele is a veterinarian who is CEO of the Dumb Friends League, a large animal shelter in Denver, Colorado. There she oversees the care of 22,000 animals each year! Even more amazing, the shelter performs over 12,000 spay and castration surgeries each year. In this episode, Dr. Steele discusses why spaying or castrating your cat means better health (and less stress for you). In addition to her day job, Dr. Steele is a board member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners and the current board President. She is eager for you to learn about their program called Cat Friendly Homes – it’s full of information for you and your cat, so check it out!
>> Listen to episode 9

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Left to Right: Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn, Dr. Apryl Steele, Dr. Susan Little

EPISODE 8 (January 2020): The Cat Cafe Podcast is back with the amazing Dr. Jessica Quimby. Jessica works at The Ohio State University as a veterinary specialist in internal medicine with a special focus on cats with kidney disease. Jessica is interested in older cats and she tells us that they tend to get more than one disease. Chronic kidney disease is very common in our senior cats. The disease causes them to urinate more, drink more, and often lose weight. Cats with kidney disease often do not want to eat and they tend to lose muscle mass quickly. Regular check-ups with your veterinarian can be helpful. Dr. Quimby gives us some handy tips for helping cats with poor appetite.
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Left to right: Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn, Dr. Jessica Quimby, Dr. Susan Little

EPISODE 7 (January 2020): The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV is huge! It attracts over 175,000 attendees, more than 4,500 exhibiting companies, and at least 1,000 speakers. Whew! We get tired just thinking of it. We spent 2 days getting our steps in at CES this year to find all the newest and best tech in veterinary medicine. Didn’t get there yourself? Listen to our summary of the cat robots, litter boxes, activity trackers, and feeders we saw. And find out who won the PurrPodcast Cat Tech Award 2020!
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EPISODE 6 (December 2019): Dr. Mike Lappin is a specialist at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Colorado State University where he is a Professor of Infectious Diseases. He is particularly interested in infectious diseases of cats. He is also the Chair of the One Health Committee of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association. This committee helps doctors and veterinarians around the world work together on common health problems. Are there diseases you can catch from your cat? Tune in and find out!
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Left to Right: Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn, Dr. Mike Lappin, Dr. Susan Little

EPISODE 5 (December 2019): Dr. Nicole Ehrhart is a veterinarian who specializes in cancer surgery. She works at the Flint Animal Cancer Center at Colorado State University. Her main area of interest is developing techniques so the legs of animals and children can be saved when cancer strikes. Dr. Ehrhart chats with us about the early warning signs of cancer in cats and when surgery can save lives. She also tells us what a typical day is like in her job and the amazing team of people she works with.
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Left to Right: Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn, Dr. Nicole Ehrhart, Dr. Susan Little

EPISODE 4 (November 2019): Dr. Ann Hohenhaus is a third generation veterinarian and she practices at the Animal Medical Center in New York. Dr. Ann is a specialist in both internal medicine and oncology (cancer medicine). She writes about veterinary medicine for websites and blogs, so you may have seen her articles. She also has a radio show on SiriusXM Stars called “Ask the Vet” (Channel 109). Dr. Ann talked with us about the lives of cats in New York city and the top 5 diseases seen in middle-aged and senior cats. Her number one tip to keep your cat healthy? Make sure kitty sees your veterinarian regularly!
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Left to Right: Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn, Dr. Ann Hohenhaus, Dr. Susan Little

EPISODE 3 (November 2019): Time to talk about who cats really are. Why do experts say they are only loosely domesticated compared to dogs? How can we keep cats indoors so they are safe but ensure they aren’t bored and stressed? Listen for some tips on how to make that home environment work in your cat’s favor for better mental and physical health. A good resource you should check out is Cat Friendly Homes from the American Assoc. of Feline Practitioners.
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EPISODE 2 (October 2019): We talk about our listener’s suggestions for a name for our new podcast and we make the decision – it’s CatCafe! That made us think about cat cafes we have visited around the world, and made us wonder – are there any dog cafes? And as a bonus, find out what Dr Susan is addicted to.
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EPISODE 1 (October 2019): Jolle and Susan introduce this new podcast – why are we crazy enough to start another one?? And what are we going to call it? We need help!
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